Luscious Lemonade Bath and & body scrub

Lemonade Bath and Body Scrub

In a bowl place all of the below:
1 cup of sunflower oil
2 cups of Epsom salts
1 fresh lemon squeezed into this mixture (no seeds please)

The zest of a lemon a refreshing rejuvenating surprise!Epsom salts are great for stress,detoxifying and for body aches.The lemon in it really brings back memories of my trips to Italy! Enjoy!

This weekend between work,church and domestic goddess duties I made this in my bathroom my husband affectionately calls my beauty laboratory. We BOTH loved this lemony scrub in the tub or in the shower. Good for at least 4 treatments.
I hope you enjoyed a fabulous fun weekend.
One day whip up some fresh lemonade to drink and this recipe to pamper yourself in lemons too.

Lashes for days this Easter!


Like Christmas Easter is a beautiful time too. Spring is in full bloom and color is all around us. I love to create Easter/Spring baskets for my husband and family.They don’t have to cost much money and the process can be so much fun.If you are looking for something fun and unique for the lady or teen in your life’s basket why not give them a pair of bunny ears from the Dollar Tree and these lashes from

“WOW” them this Easter with these in that someone specials Easter basket. You know I love to share about beauty,food,travel and life.I couldn’t resist telling you about the PINK lashes FOR THE CAR by Turbo Styles Carlashes.

Nothing says I love you like these lashes you don’t paint on your eyes but place on your car.
Paint the town pink and make yourself happy too!

Did you ever have one of those near death DAYS!

JAX PhotoDid you ever wake up one day and everything started and continued the same way it usually does and then you just knew, you were going to die today?

Your fate appeared right before you?

A few weeks ago it was that kind of day for me. I woke up; worked in my makeup studio and stopped at home after work that afternoon to change my clothes before going to a party my husband and I were to attend. I decided to eat a little something before we left, as I was a little hungry. I toasted a ¼ piece of fresh pita bread. It was so delicious and crunchy I had to have another small piece. Then chewing and looking out my kitchen window at the cold winter day view, the sun was shining but I was in big trouble. I could not swallow and that pita bread would not go down my throat. Breathing became a struggle. I turned towards my husband in the other room and with much difficulty tried to say a word. My husband watched and wondered just what had happened and what was I trying to say or do. He sternly stressed the importance of sipping some water, as it would make the bread loosen up and make it go down my throat. I tried but I could not even swallow a sip of water. It was terrifying not being able to swallow, choking, coughing and not being able to breathe, I tried the only thing I could and tried to cough and spit to get this bread down or out.

Almost thirty minutes later which seemed like an eternity…I am still choking and coughing and am able to tell my husband in a raspy voice grunt “I need to go to the new emergency care around the corner from us”.
We had just gone there not so long ago for a flu shot and I felt cozy with them and they were close to the house.

Dressed to the nines in winter white with a luscious red lipstick on and a strand of long white pearls around my neck I at least would look pretty at the morgue. I know its morbid but oh so true. That is all I could think of too.

No, I did not see a white light, no visions of God or other family members that have passed on. I was so scared and choking. My husband shouted “Let me take you to the hospital instead “
(FYI it is fifteen minutes or so away from our home). I said in a rough barely able to speak tone…”I WILL BE DEAD BY THEN”

We flew out the door and went to St. Vincent’s First Care. My husband went in and told them what was happening. He forgot me and there I was out in the cold. I was choking and trying to spit whatever I could in the parking lot outside my car door. No coat or purse I hurried in the door and they rushed me in to one of the treatment rooms.

They asked me what happened my husband and I tried to tell them and the nurse got to work patting my back and trying to make the bread come up or go down. It just stayed there in my esophagus. It did not make it down. Then they gave me oxygen. The doctor then pushed me on my stomach sideways over the examining table and started banging me on my back to get me to cough something up. Only some bread and a little water came up. He then ordered oxygen and another nurse gave me a shot to help me get relief of some sort. Then he had me raise my hands, and start coughing not spitting what I could up. I struggled so. Then the doctor came in and did the Heimlich maneuver on me! OMG I WENT TO THE MOON & BACK.

They tried everything to save me! The nurse and doctor were the reason I am still alive.

They tried, and tried, and then came the loud words from the Doctor now across the hall. He shouted ‘Call 911” to the front receptionist. I looked at my husband waiting in the hall as the door was open and I could see he too was afraid. The doctor calling 911 was not what we wanted to hear!!!

The nurse staff told me they would have to step aside when the paramedics arrive and they could not work on me anymore. I could hear the ambulance sirens…I knew they were coming for me. Four paramedics arrived and they quickly asked questions and placed me on the stretcher.

Embarrassed, terrified and freezing without my winter coat, glasses, purse or a lipstick tube. You read right. No lipstick! I was in the ambulance being hooked to wires and trying to spit or cough up in a plastic bag, they gave me.
They asked if I wanted my privacy and close the blinds. I saw no blinds on the windows and said choking “I don’t care…Thank you!”
All of a sudden, the windows turned a white opaque and I could not see out the window. I heard the siren go on and it stayed on loud and clear as they weaved through traffic to get me to the nearest hospital.

We finally arrived at the hospital me freezing…my husband followed in the ambulance but we had forgotten my coat home. The ambulance has no heater. My twin died in the winter, I wondered how he FELT when he was in the ambulance, and he too must have been freezing and hooked up to wires to save his life.

Then vainly I asked the paramedic…Mr. Brown according to the name embroidered on his jacket. “Mr. Brown do I look awful? DO I HAVE LIPSTICK ON?”
He must have thought I was crazy asking that kind of question. Who asks that? I do.
On deaths door I wanted to look the part of the makeup artist. I was choking, spitting, coughing and watered eyes from the whole ordeal…. I JUST KNEW I looked awful!

The doctors and nurses asked me how I was feeling and did a lot of blood work, x-rays, taking my vital signs and feverishly worked to get me relief. The doctor ordered a procedure with a specialist to get that pita bread lodged down my throat out of there.

In the meantime we had to wait and wait. Then the doctor came in and wanted to try an injection of something that may help me. I told him let’s try it. I overheard him as he left the room say it only works on 1 in 200 people. Wish we did not hear that.I was terrified even more!

They gave me the shot a specialist was still on his way and then we waited some more. However, we prayed this would work. After an hour or so, he gave me a half a glass of water to see if I could swallow it and drink it down. I managed to be able to swallow the small glass of water even though my throat was so raw and I had been to hell and back!

He left me alone again for half an hour and served me another round of water.I swallowed it all. THIS WAS PROGRESS and what they were looking for. The injection they gave me relaxed and OPENED up my airway to help clear that bread out of my way. My throat was killing me and I could barely speak.

The doctor stepped out of the room and came back and said he thinks we can cancel the specialist doctor and would not need the scope to get the bread out anymore. He told me I could go home if I felt up to it. I jumped for joy and after over six and a half hours I could be in my cozy home resting.Halleujah!

I wanted to share this with you as you know I love to blog about beauty,health,fashion and food.
Maybe you could learn something from my ordeal.Perhaps I COULD HELP SAVE YOUR LIFE or someone elses by my sharing this true story.

What I do know about CHOKING:

1.Don’t stay where you are for more than 30 minutes.

2.Go to the NEAREST emergency clinic or hospital.Seeking medical help as soon as possible will save your life.The doctors and nurses told me I would have been dead if I waited any longer for medical attention.I did the right thing by telling my husband I wanted to go to the emergency clinic around the corner NOT the hospital.

3.ALWAYS have a beverage with any snacks or meals.

4.When choking place your hands in the air not at your sides to get the whatever is stuck in your throat to pass.

5.Don’t spit it up try to COUGH it up.

6.The difference between life and death is not panicking.Try and stay as calm as you can.

7.If they give you the lifesaving Heimlich Maneuver they may save your life but break your ribs.And another consequence can be lung leakage.Some of my ribs are broken on the right side of my body and it is very painful.

I realize it is not glamorous and my blog is not about beauty, travel and decadent food…this time.Although I never want to have another piece of pita bread agin as I am terrified. But I simply had to share these words of wisdom and true story with you.They say it takes up to six months for your ribs to heal and all I can do is walk slow and take an acetaminophen for the inflammation.

FYI for the record paramedics,firemen,ER nurses and doctors are hard working AMAZING PEOPLE! And please remember the next time you see an ambulance with their flashers or siren on….be kind MOVE OVER and remember my story.They saved my life! They may save yours or your family one day.

Life is a gift! I am so happy I AM STILL ALIVE and can WRITE this blog and share my experience with you. Really! I have wanted to post this for weeks but was afraid to share as it is not my typical blog. BUT I cannot hold it in anymore. I had to share. I hope you’ll learn from it too!

Eventually you gotta say goodybe to your beauty booty!

NB8J8503Now’s the time to take better care of you and your health too.The start of spring or a new year does not mean thinking about losing weight and eating right. Yes, they count however it is also a time to start fresh with your beauty products, makeup brushes and manscaping supplies. Like milk, fruits and other foods your beauty has a shelf life. Once opened, kept too long or stored in a steamy bathroom or car they need to be replaced.

Give yourself a few hours in the morning when you are fresh or a few in the afternoon. Spread out your things on a portable table and evaluate. How long ago did I buy this? When was the last time I used it? Did I ever use it? Does it smell funky or has it gone bad. Did you know once opened even if you have not used it much the air and sunlight affects your product and can change its effectiveness.
Once skin care products hit the light, they lose their super powers. That is why you see so many brands use amber, dark blue or opaque packaging.

Once you have got the old or used products lined up that you do not use anymore…I like to play a game called let’s throw it out. Have a garbage can ready.

Here is my professional guide on how long you should keep your products:
Skin care: A year or more.
Tooth Brush: Throw out every three months at least.
Hair Brush: Once a year.
Sonic Face Cleansing Brush or Toothbrush head: Throw out every three to six months.
Eye cream: A year or more.
Retin-A: Less than a year.
Foundation: Liquid lasts a year or more. Cream a year or two. Powder base lasts the longest.
Lipstick: Two years or more
Lip-gloss or lip balm: lasts approximately a year or two.
Blush: Powder blush lasts approximately 2 years or more & cream blush lasts a year or less.
Lip and eyeliners, brow liners: I find good quality pencils last longer than you think. They can last years.
Liquid or gel eyeliners: Liquid lasts years and gel will only last a year. Less IF you do not close the lid properly. Gel liners dry out fast!
Eye shadow: Powder lasts years unlike crams which last a year or less.
Mascara: A healthy rule is 3 months or more.
Loose powder: Can last years.
Shampoo: A couple of years.
Conditioner: A couple of years.
Nail Polish: A year or more if it does not come out right on the nail when you use it will need to be thrown out.
Perfume OR After-shave: Once opened or closed it does expire. A year or a bit more.
Makeup Brushes or makeup sponges; need your attention too. Replace your sponges often so germs do not build up. A sign they are getting old is when they fray and start to fall apart. If your makeup brushes start fall apart and hairs start to fall out in small or large clumps it is definitely time to think about replacing them. If the hairs separate from the silver ferrule this part and cut your face. throw it out.Not all your makeup brushes just the ones that are not working well when you apply and blend your makeup or falling apart.

When in doubt…if it smells strange, gets rancid or changes color and or doesn’t move and apply like it used to…throw it out.

Once Opened Beauty Expiration Kit is a cool kit that you can mark your products purchase date with a water-resistant label and pen. It comes in a cute kit that lets you know how long you had that product.

Use up what you have and LOVE, throw out what you are NOT using. Do not pass USED makeup on to your daughter, friends’ mom or family. You will spread bacteria and they may even give them a skin or eye infection. While I love saving money it is not worth handing down…just throw the products out.

Do not allow your products to clutter your bathroom or house and get in your way.Deleting and updating these will keep your skin, eyes, face, lips and body healthy.
Guys too this includes you too!

Start spring right and with fresh beauty and a good and healthy habit. It will make a world of difference!

I’m a FOODIE who loves all things beauty!

Beauty Bursts

I truly love to eat,cook and all things beauty so much! I am ALWAYS on the hunt for decadent eats and treats. But I know as a beauty & skin professional that everything in moderation.So, instead of downing a Circus Peanut candy or my fave marshmallow PEEPS. I have found my sugar and face FIX. They are called Beauty Bursts and I love them so much I featured them on TV last Saturday on my beauty and lifestyle segment on WJXT-4 The Morning Show.They are not just a sweet treat and taste good they are a supplement to your multi-vitamin if you want to keep your skin looking good.They are what I call “Candy for your face!”

NeoCell’s Beauty Bursts deliver high absorption beauty nutrients in delectable,gourmet Collagen soft chews.No gluten,soy,palm oil or artificial anything.They come in several flavors right now I am enjoying a chocolate mint chew.This Super Collagen strengthens skin,hair and nails.Hyaluronic Acid is known as “nature’s moisturizer” and hydrates the skin from within.Vitamin C is essential to boosting Collagen in the skin.These three powerhouse beauty ingredients work together to build beautiful skin from the inside out.

Having beautiful and radiant skin has never been so easy or so delicious the company says…and it is so true. Alongside your moisturizer and a balanced healthy diet you can do it too.
Dont’ just sit there…go out and buy some and enjoy prettier skin.

I’m just a FOODIE who loves all things beauty! I simply had to share. And guys this ones for you too!Don’t you want to look more handsome too?

Spring cleaning… but maybe not the kind you’re thinking of!

White Sands bbcecba-1Today on my beauty and lifestyle segment I am showing ideas and beauty secrets with a twist.(No she is not vacuuming in this blog shot read on and find out what this cap is all about.)
Spring cleaning is not just about cleaning your home or throwing out your makeup and starting fresh. It is updating your life and style with a modern beauty twist.If one product or thing is not working for you…spring clean and try something else.

If you care about the enviroment and what’s in your beauty products,there are many new kids on the block.Pencil Me In Cosmetics eyeliner pencils contain vitamin E and anti-oxidants to define your eyes.
Looking for a natural Vegan makeup twist? One brand you might want to try is Osmosis age defy makeup. The concealer I showed on air today has a moisture stick on one side and a concealer on the other.

Balanced Guru offers certified organic beauty and wellness.Spring clean your skin care routine with a mask with a healthy kick.Organic calendula,Echinacea calm your sensitive or dry skin.

Alongside your multi vitamins there is a new way to rebuild your skin add hydration with Hyaluronic acid and collagen enhanced vitamin C. It is called Beauty Bursts by Neocell. No gluten,soy,palm oil and artificial anything these tasty gourmet soft chews can help your skin look even better.They strengthen your hair,skin and nails.Delicious beauty!

Instead of your same old hair conditioner that may not be working the way you want it for your hair …try White Sands intensive Hair Treatment with hair cap that fits on your blow dryer. Treat it with the best. Loved by celebrities and Hollywood hair stylists.
Or if you’re a NATURAL GIRL…do what I do as well place coconut oil on your hair and put the heat cap on for 15 to 20 minutes. Your hair will LOVE the results and shine on! The cap may be purchased at

Say Bye to OVER THE TOP expensive face creams that make so many promises.It’s time to try something new and in addition to like LED Light therapy by LightStim. This company is taking over the globe with its proven pretty skin results. LEDs are therapeutic it stands for Light Emitting Diode,which is a tiny computer chip encased in glass. Each LED wavelength (color) of light provides unique therapeutic benefits.Infrared accelerates healing,reduces inflammation,promotes circulation and encourages greater product absorption.
Amber light helps build collagen and elastin.It is non-invasive,painless and requires no recovery time. This light is good for all skin types and is engineered to emit a soothing gentle warmth. Clinically proven and FDA cleared for the entire face.

To plump up your skin,reduce those wrinkles,help your pout…use what medical spas,dermatologists,estheticians recommend for at home use.They have an at home smaller version just for you! Check out there free APP to learn even more!

To watch a video of my segment today go to http://www.news4jaxPlease follow me on twitter @beautyconcierge and on Instagram @ NOREEN KISS YOUNG

Delicious Shamrock Smoothie

ganze und halbe avocado isoliert auf weissOn the streets of New York City this past week I enjoyed a few avocado smoothies. So, I simply had to make one from scratch for myself.

Whipped this up in my blender cup and pureed it and fell in love!

Lucky YOU I want to share it with you.

You will need:

2 cups honeydew melon chunks
1 kiwi fruit peeled and cut in mini chunks
1 frozen large banana peeled and sliced
1 cup of Greek vanilla yogurt
1/4 cup of chopped kale or parsley

Celebrating one of my nationalities with this luck of the Irish green SMOOTHIE with a healthy twist!

Beauty landed in New York City


It was showtime for the International Esthetics,Cosmetics and Spa Show as well as the International Beauty Show. March 9th,10th and 11th.

I guest spoke and beauty reported LIVE from the show floor!Anyone who is anyone in the world of hair,skin and nails was exhibiting there.Attendees are professionals who come from around the world to learn,buy for their salons and spas and of course PLAY!

I was Tweeting and on Instagram sharing all the edible and shopping fun on the streets of NYC. NEW YORK CITY is an inspiring city,breathtaking and where dreams are made.

Hope you had fun and read and watched my tweets @beautyconcierge and on Instagram too at NOREEN KISS YOUNG!

I can’t wait to share the latest and greatest in beauty~ Stay tuned for my SPRING Beauty and Travel report from my trip now in NYC.

BABY it is cold outside from 20 degrees to 66 and now snow and cold again. It is a bumpy winter ride.

My skin CAN’T get enough…

New Image-body milk

My skin can’t get enough of this! Pour on yummy softness the companies bottle says and THEY MEAN IT.Tell your dry skin …Bye!Bye! This delicate moisturizer is infused with vitamin E rich,natural rice bran oil,light fragrance warm sweet cream deliciousness.

I am in love with the way my skin feels and looks. Don’t buy another lotion until you get to try this heavenly potion. I am hypnotized and my skin feels fabulous too.

Created by hot chicks from Texas who call the farm home.They say their cows eat cookies and I believe it.

SWEET Dreams and softer looking skin!