How do I love thee Cosmopolitan Hotel …Las Vegas!

Just got back from working and playing in Las Vegas. We stayed at the fairly new Cosmopolitan Hotel. This hotel is amazing and I have stayed at many hotels on what they call the STRIP!  Here are my reasons for you to love it too!

Reasons I LOVE the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Viva Las Vegas:

1. The attitude

2. The employees good vibrations service

3. The hotel lobby, bars and restaurants

4. My hotel room

5. Shower could fit 6 people!

6. The C.O.Bigelow shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and lip balm (infused with lavendar and peppermint.)

7. My GINORMOUS bathtub

8. My living room

9. My kitchen 

10. My sit down and chill table area.

11. My microwave

12. My stove (just in case I felt like whipping up something in it)

13. My mini bar

14. My huge refrigerator

15. My petite dish washer

16. The drinking glasses and wine glasses (artsy)

]17. My plush bathrobe

18. My plush lounge slippers

19.My smooth as silk face wash cloths and lush towels

20.My toothbrush and peppermint mouthwash for kissing the night away

21. Two sinks one for HIM and One for ME!

22.My individually wrapped q-tips and cotton balls packaged

23.My C.O. Bigelow hand and body lotion with peppermint and lavendar

24. My mini washing machine

25. My mini clothes dryer

26. My blow dryer

27. The room lighting

28.Hangers for my delicates in a silky pretty style

29. Wrap around balcony over viewing the city

30. My desk to work at

31. My two ginormous TV’s

32. The Cosmopolitan writing paper set and eco friendly pen and yellow highlighter

33. My fun colored pencils to doodle with or create a Picasso replica with

34.Non traditional room decor

35.Oh, let  me not forget the PIZZA parlor…no name, hidden down a hall and a taste of NEW YORK CITY PIZZA inside the hotel and can be delivered to your door.DELICIOUS! Absolutely fabulous and a must taste next time you visit the city!

36. For those of you looking for Chic and Male fun and a hook up …This hotel takes it another level. Binoculars are available for purchase to oversee the montains, strip and or people at the pool!

37. They also went beyond the regular munchies and in that same mini bar you may buy a the “GET LUCKY” KIT filled with lovey stuff to get your fix!

38. For those of you who love a SPA as part of your stay they have one. Unfortunately, I was not lucky as the Jacuzzi was being retiled and it was not available. So, I decided it was not meant to be. I hope my next visit that it will. As a beauty and lifestyle reporter for TV and print as well as a professional makeup artist I LOVE spas and exploring everyone on the strip is my pleasure! I am addicted!

Wish I were still there…

The hotel has a true  passion for excellence… My husband and I can’t wait to go back!

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