He’s NOT a retard~ Nor is he retarded!

October is Down Syndrome awareness not just Breast cancer awareness month. Did you know? 

People born with Downs are just like you and I. They want to be treated well, have fun, enjoy a good movie and dining out. They are kind, clever in their own way, funny,charming, handsome, pretty,love to work  and  AMAZING. 

They rock!

I know first hand because my twin was born with Down Syndrome. He was the wind beneath my wings and my older brother. (six minutes) We were poor he made us rich. So, to hear the words ” retard ” highly offends me. I hate to hear those words. I don’t hate often or really ever…but I do hate when I hear words like these from poeple of AL ages. They use it for whatever reason. My twin brother died suddenly a few years ago under a doctors care for a simple cold. The doctor did not care enough. The story way painful to go into at this time. I simply want to make you aware what the month of October also stands for.

If you want to do yourself a favor? Make a friend with a person who was born with Downs. They may just be your NEW BFF~

He’s not a retard…he’s my wonderful twin brother.

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