Gifts of Beauty D.I.Y.

My sisters, girlfriends and I love to make gifts of beauty and relaxation!

They are so fun and inexpensive to make especially in this economy. I am tired of hearing about the bad economy too. But here are some things you can  create gifts from the heart. Christmas, Chanukah, or I love you this is for you. I will be posting a NEW one daily for you to enjoy.

 These are my personal recipes that are tried and true and people who got them really loved them too! Their still talking about them.

Today it’s all about the body!

JOJOBA shimmering Body Lotion

1 16oz.  bottle with a pour squeeze spout

1 tablespoon of or less  of a loose glimmering eyeshadow or body powder

Depending on how much shimmer you want your body lotion to have use less if you want less shimmer.

If you make this recipe it can make many gift giving bottles and make one for you too! (It all depends on the size bottle you use)

If you’ve bought this from the store you know they usually cost up to $50.oo!

Sprinkle in to the moisturizing jojoba, shake well mixing the two together into a nice glass or plastic bottle.

*Adding a drop of essential oil adds fragrance. But I like it without it. This way I can wear my fav’ perfume.

Tie a bow and you are good to go and GIVE it!

 “As seen this morning on the one and only Channel 4 WJXT on my beauty segment today”

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