Nutty for Nutella~


I have watched the commercial for years and one day it was on sale. I decided to try it. I had to finally taste what the cocoa, skim milk, hazelnut spread was all about!

OMGosh! I am in love and it is not with my husband he’s got competition.

If my husband would stay still long enough I’d dip him from head to toe into Nutella and lick away.

 This creamy and dreamy delight with the tease of cocoa is music to my tongue. It is a decadent not to sweet unique just right spread.

 And you? Do you love Nutella as much as I do? 

Let’s start a delicious conversation.

Ten Things to do with Nutella my new found love~ 

1.     Place on a bodacious breakfast bread

2.     Spread on French toast before eating

3.     A dash on a pancake

4.     On a vanilla wafer or sweet cracker

5.     Add a teaspoon in your coffee mug

6.     Stir a spoonful into a cold glass of milk

7.     Spread on a plain cupcake

8.     Place on a piece of fruit like bananas or apples

9.     Nutella Face as a facial mask

10.An unexpected sexy delight~

 How do you Nutella?

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