Home-made Coconut oil lip jam

I love coconut I love to smell it, eat anything with it and they make me happy.

The beauty and foodie I am …I LOVE watching the Cooking Channel and Food TV lots! They keep on whipping up dishes using coconut oil. I purchased some and found it to be lovely for eggs in the morning, saute of veggies and other things you’d use regular cooking oil with even Dr. OZ made me think I had to have it to be healthy. So, one day I created a lip conditioning glossy jam in a jar.

My moisturizing masterpiece!

1 jar of coconut oil from the health food store

1 smashed spearmint candy (or old peppermint candy cane)

Take a scoop say tablespoon and place in a small microwaveable dish. 

Next, take the smashed tiny pieces of candy and stir in. Place in microwave for a few seconds. Keep your eye on it. You don’t need it in there long. DO NOT BURN.

Next, stir them together and place in a small glass jar or a plastic jar like ones you’d find with lip gloss in them. I love the dollar kinda stores, surplus or container stores. Pat down the mixture and so the lid will close nicely.

Let it cool and test on your lips, dahling! What you’ll have is a super shiny creamy soft lip sensation and a kissable breath freshening flavor too. Yummy!

Create this delight alone or with a friend or family member. Great to give as a stocking stuffer or a  just because I love you gift~

These are my lips with my Doll Face Pink Lipstick and my home-made lip jam over my lips. Pretty nice,huh? You can do it too~

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