Shimmer like an Angel~

As a makeup artist who loves to cook and makeup…I so love whipping up things in my kitchen/beauty laboratory. It is so much fun and best of all economical! I have paid up to $50.00 to get my glow on but that isn’t cheap and chic. Do it yourself and have fun doing it.

 Here is my recipe for a luscious skin softening Shimmer Body oil:

1 bottle of Jojoba (technically not an oil) if you can’t find it use grape seed oil

 1 LOOSE light shade shimmering eye shadow or body powder.

 Place the jojoba from a squirt type plastic bottle into a pretty glass bottle.

Next, sprinkle as desired the loose shimmering dust. If you would like it to be less frosted and not over do…use less powder or loose shadow.

 Shake the two together and mix well. It will look amazing! I LOVE to whip up things in my kitchen and bathroom, which my husband calls my

 *If you want to add your fav’ essential oil and add a fragrance…Now would be the time.

After your next bath or shower and night on the town or in town in your home. Lube yourself up and try this Sexy recipe ala a Victoria Secret Angel.

 The fashion show event is hours away! We have waited all year and it’s almost here.

Get your wings on, shimmer oil yourself up, pour a drink and WATCH!

I LOVE to whip up things in my kitchen and bathroom, do you?

 My thighs feel like they are about to rise as these girls prance down the runway. 

How about you?

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