Love these morsels on my tongue and more!

Pomegranates rock!  They are delicious tiny lush bites. I also like to cook and makeup as you know, so I like to whip up new and interesting anti-aging beauty in my kitchen.

Pretty Pom face mask filled with good for the skin ingredients!

  • I cut them open and scoop out the insides.
  • Mix and mash into a small bowl with a dash of water
  • Place this mixture on my face for a pretty pom glow! Leave on 15 mins. and rinse.
  • Moisturize and get a good nights sleep.

A DRINK recipe is:

  •  I pour pomegranate juice into a flute that is 1/4 filled with these delicious bites.
  • Follow up with Prosecco sparkling Italian wine.

I love serving this wine to guests. I first had it in Italy. It kisses my tongue with bubbles.The pomegranates tease my tongue and are refreshing AND taste it too. This is a great alternative to the same old Champagne Mimosa.

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