Retail Pie

Up to my red lips in business~ I don’t mean to stay away from blog posting…but my days are long and hectic. I don’t know if I shared with you in a blog but I own a beauty business and also a mail order business. Tis’ the season to get gorgeous so it’s been a beauty whirlwind. My beauty cottage under the old oak trees is filled to the brim with beauty candy. From makeup, to skin care, to pretty little pick me ups and gorgeous gifts.

We carry things to make a gal look good and feel good. Everywhere you turn there is the fun factor….cause girls just wanna have fun!

We also carry things for guys to look their best. I have a lot of newscasters, sports celebrities and football players as clients. So, its only natural to cater to men.

Our guests are enjoying our serving lush chocolate layer cake coffee with mini cheese cakes. Jasmine green tea and fortune cookies.

We offer free gift wrap and have gorgeous gift cards. We pride ourselves on one on one customer service and attention.

Trying to get my pretty piece of the retail pie…and getting a high taking care of business~

A beautiful recipe for success. Hard work,customer is #1 and fun and laughter!

I LOVE this time of year and helping people look and feel fabulous as well as help them find and choose the perfect gift!!!  

Ho! Ho! Ho gotta go as even though we are closed for the day,we have a dozen mail orders to ship that came in just before closing! A BUSINESS OWNERS work is never done. But I love it.

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