What is the Shelf Life of your MAKEUP?


Know when to "KISS your beauty ...Goodbye"


Basic beauty Breakdown!




  • Mascara = 3 months at the most
  • Liquid or Cream Foundation = 1 year or a bit longer. NOTE: It will somehow look different as well as smell bad once it is old.
  • Powder Foundation or Blush = Up to 2 years.
  • Eye and Lip Pencils = Up to 2 years. Sometimes they will stop gliding on like silk and, or smell rancid
  • Lipsticks or Glosses = Up to 2 years or more. However, if you notice a bad smell when in doubt, throw it out.
  • Skin Care = About 1 and a half years depending on them.
  • Eye Shadows = several years. However, if they do not move when applied….they definitley are old. 

Note: If you get an eye infection it is best to throw out all makeup!


Don’t be a dirty Beauty!

Dirty beauty=Dirty looking makeup.

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