Chinese New Year Day 3 Beauty Secret

Beauty of Black Rice Facial


Black Rice is an amazing skin tightening moisturizing mask from your kitchen. You know by now I am a beauty and foodie lover. Not all beauty comes from the store. You can whip up some treasures in your kitchen.

I create the mask with the following:

1 Cup of Black Rice

1 cup of distilled water

Soak the rice in the water for a few hours or even better overnight. Take the watery dark lilac water from the mixture of the two and place on a cotton ball. Apply to your clean face. Leave on 20 minutes. Let dry and apply makeup and go out on the town or rinse, moisturize and go to sleep.

You’LL WAKE UP with softer, tighter skin and love your skin.

Can be used once a week or once a month.

*Obviously, if you are allergic to rice do not try this mask. My recipes are meant to enjoy on the cheap but never make with ingredients you are allergic to.

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