Did you ever have?

One of those days? I am juggling six balls in the air, working,running errands, returning 100’s of e-mails and phone calls and it all started with my husband and a dead battery. I had just poured a cup of coffee, no makeup, no shower, wild hair pinned up in a clip.I had one minutes notice and three min.’s to get it all together a sight my husband has never seen. I drove him in our other car to where he had to be for his work (He was running late) and here I am back home after a long days work…i make a stop for milk and a woman at the store asks me “Aren’t you that lady from TV?”

I so am not… I thought. OH and did I tell you my blouse was inside out?

Wish I wasn’t vain…I’d take a photograph and post it for you.What a sight.Tomorrow and tonight I am going turn this day around…starting tonight with A HOT BATH and a bowl of delicious coconut ice cream~

My thighs are gonna love me!

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