Just back from …NEW YORK CITY

Just back from working and playing in NYC…what a wonderful week!

When I travel back home or anywhere I always keep my mind and heart open. The Universe is sacred and I welcome whatever new that comes my way.The streets lit up with sunshine and instead of the temperature being in the 20’s or 30’s and FREEZING or snowing,it was close to 70 and mild most of my stay. Unseasonably fabulous~

There was fashion at every corner and the department store windows and boutiques showed off their SUNNY ARRIVALS!  I shopped till I dropped in Bloomingdales, Macys,Henri Bendels, Bergdorfs, Lord & Taylor and Barneys and Saks. Always time for sister fun after shopping…we dined in our fave places from Chinese, Italian, to Amercian and Polish food.  

The colors of the season…a bodacious bold pink, seafoam and the shimmering colors a mermaid would wear, any shade of peaceful blue, tanergine tango coral and nude too. I love color!

The street vendors had the most beautiful shades of pretty pashminas and the handbags were a mixed bag of gorgeous tricks! I don’t snub them I adore them and the prices of the accessories they carry….are simply irresistible!

I‘M ALWAYS ON THE HUNT for beauty. So lucky me it was that time of year for me to meet with my CEW beauty business friends. I found an array of beauties at this event. It’s a time when cosmetic companies get together and offer us a night of sampling,sniffing,playing and kissing in makeup! My skin fell in love with a decadent delight named Prai. I could not stop looking at my left hand all EVENING. My skin love the way it felt too. Soft and supple with a gorgeous glow. The glow that wouldn’t go until I took it off when I showered that night.

Now, back in sunny Florida I am inspired, back to my sweet husband and my own beauty business… ready for my photo shoot for our Spring beauty Collection this week.

I can’t imagine my life without NEW YORK, my sisters and MAKEUP!

Are you addicted to makeup too?

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