You’ve got beauty questions I’ve got answers!

As I told you yesterday I answered some beauty questions on TV this time instead of doing a segment doing makeup or skin care secrets on a model. Sometimes the TV station comes to you but most of the time we go there. Hope these questions and the answers to them help you with a question you’ve been wanting to know about.

What do I do that is more natural home remedy for stretch marks besides cocoa butter?

Stretch marks from a makeup artists point of view…are softened with  Jojoba it is not really an oil but what they call a liquid ester. I have heard from clients my recommendation in using Jojoba and rubbing it on gently and daily on stretch marks will soften the appearance of them. If you want to cover them up try a product called covers a multitude of sins from tattoos to minimizing the look of stretch marks.

How do I put false eyelashes on without losing my mind?

Lashes love them or hate false eyelashes…Here is what to do. TRY a demi- strip like half a lash instead of a full strip.This will be a bit easier to apply. I too have my challenges with them and use them ONLY on special occasions not everyday.

Best product for Brown spots?

Retin- A  is the key ingredient and cream to apply for tired looking skin and on sunspots. Your skin may be irritated at first but so worth it. If you bake in the sun they will come back. If you are careful and use it wisely and NOT bake your spots will fade or tone down in their appearance.

What do I do with old lipsticks that have melted, broken or have been discontinued?

To be continued…


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