Top of the world!

Day 1 of my beauty conference show trip was spent eating may way through Las Vegas. First lunch stop was the Top pf the World restaurant at the Stratosphere Hotel 800 feet high with a 360 revolving panoramic view of the city and best of all the strip. Oh my how I love this place. The food is absolutely delicious and the staff gives you the five star treatment. I love that at lunch you can eat and enjoy a gourmet meal in casual clothes. You don’t have to dress up for lunch afterwards you can shop till you drop on the strip or lay be the pool with a happy drink with a pink umbrella on top. 

We were lucky enough to be greeted by a man who worked for the hotel at the front door and he asked if we happen to be going to the Tower and when we said yes…he gave us some cards that featured a free certificate for a glass of Champagne, Shrimp cocktail seviche just for joining them for lunch. My beauty team and I enjoyed a lovely lunch before the first day of setting up our booth. The lobster bisque is amazing. Desserts are a work of art.

I so Love to cook and makeup~ LOVE to eat and appreciate fine dining as well as down & dirty quick dining.

I am AFRAID OF HEIGHTS …yet LOVE and am not afraid of this high into the sky restaurant. WORTH the trip and a reasonable price. They offer dinner  too.

They also have an observation deck and BAR at the top as well as BUNGEE jumping and a ride called INSANITY. There is even a shop on top where you can get reasonably priced gifts for you or someone else.

I hope if you ever visit or on your next visit you enjoy this special place. What a nice treat before a big beauty conference work week!

You deserve it. Travel, explore and enjoy places and things beyond your front door. Life is waiting.

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