Paula Deen cooked for me!

Hoe CakeI know it has been awhile since I posted something detailed. Life and my work as a makeup artist and beauty business owner get in the way. I do not know how some of you do it. Posting blogs and photos daily and or weekly, I’m jealous.
A few weeks back in between getting my business ready and decorated for the holidays, eleven guest-speaking engagements and one photo shoot…I slipped away. We went to Savannah, Georgia what a wonderful escape. On Thanksgiving Day Paula Deen cooked for us. Wow, I did not have to cook. Not being a southerner I do not cook all the southern foods my husband loves…I leave that to my sister-in-law. I have been to Savannah before but between the cooler weather and sunny gorgeous couple of days was truly, what the doctor ordered… Can you say Work-a-holic?

If you have not been to Paula Deen’s restaurant, you simply must go! The staff is warm and inviting. The dishes are so exciting. I had forgotten about the Hoe cakes… a southern fav’. I get a kick out of the name. These delicious butter laden delights are served to you while you wait for your meal. See photo.

The lemonade I ordered was ala southern style. Crushed mint leaves and lots of ice make it an infused minty refreshing delight.

Oh, my lips and tongue were on a high!We chose the buffet. Yummy in our tummies my husband smiled glassy eyed all the way back to the hotel. HE needed a rest! From simply eating. Most shops were closed so it was a day to chill and enjoy the hotel room.

By the way, there is even an “Hey Ya’ll Paula Deen Tour”. It shows the rag to riches story of this charming entrepreneur and tours her favorite places. It includes lunch at Uncle Bubba’s Restaurant (her brother) and shows you sights like where Paula got married.
If you have never been to Savannah…maybe now’s the time for Southern charm and Paula Deen.

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