Day 10 to beautiful skin

Clogged pores or skin around your nose or chin look like a navel orange?

Perhaps now’s the time to give yourself a refreshing skin polish.This can be done with a 1/4 cup of cornmeal from your kitchen and some water to make a paste. Apply to your face approximately five minutes and work in circular motions with wet fingers. Gently! This will help to refine the pores.Next,rinse well with a wet luke warm washcloth.Then apply a skin freshener like astringent on a cotton pad and work all over the face staying away from your eyes and lips with it. Or try a product called Witch Hazel which is known to improve the appearance of larger pores but doesn’t smell so charming.But it works!
Try this monthly or twice a month and see how your pores will look better.This is one of many other things you can try but for now don’t bake muffins take care of your pores with cornmeal. Southern beauty secret I learned after moving from up north to the south.Enjoy Ya’ll!

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