DAY 28 to more beautiful skin

boxes-collectionThe SKIN products lined up all over your shelves don’t last forever!

Once opened you really need to USE them to be effective and to not abuse them by not closing the lid tightly,leaving products in the sunlight or leave caps off. These will make a difference on your skin and the formula and quality of the product.
You are reading this because you are interested in keeping your skin looking great and healthy,right?

Often I see women and MEN hoard their products like a squirrel does nuts and barely use them. While others use them and abuse them. You shouldn’t just leave them on the shelf!
You paid hard-earned money for them. expensive creams even more so.

Like food …skin and beauty products expire and have a shelf life too. USE them and have more beautiful skin. Use them once in a blue moon without throwing them out may ruin your skin.

When in doubt throw it out and start fresh …now that it’s a new year is a great time. Your skin will love you for it and show it too.

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