Some days you just need a little Whoopie~


Don’t you love to be in love and to be LOVED? I do!

Well if you’re in the mood for a pampering SPA weekend with yourself or a BFF,wrap yourself in this!
This shea butter whip is what the company calls a jar full of joy! I call it a cross between heaven and your kitchen. Lightly scented white velvet cream and moist layer cake wraps you in moisturizing love!
Inspired by famous comfort desserts like Whoopie pies it gives my skin and spirit a high!

The supple butters,Vitamin E and jojoba and soybean oils calm even the driest of skins. A giftably gorgeous jar or tube of YUM.
You gotta try some!!!

Paraben and sulfate free. Each scrumptious products is 88%-99.6% natural. MADE in the good old state of Texas.

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