Countdown to Christmas Gift Ideas for the Guys!

classic-lean-wetMy husband is tall and has a bodacious build. I am only 5 feet 2 inches and her towers over me.He’s conservative, I’m not,he is serious a lot ,I am not. One thing we agree on.HE has grown to love the spa and skin care industry and appreciates the fact I care about my skin and wear makeup nicely too.

I have an entire candy shoppe filled with makeup,skin care and beauty tools.I also love things from other stores too. We carry Sonicare and my husband is in love with CLARISONIC sonic cleansing system and polishes his skin handsome every day. He loves what it does for the apperance of his skin, his pores and so much more. He is a long time user avid lover of the sonic toothbrush this company created before the face cleansing technology arrived.So, it is a perfect fit for him.

If your man wants fresher,cleaner and amazing looking skin…buy him this! It is awesome. You’d be surprised how much residue is still left on your skin after washing your face. ay bye bye to wash cloths and step up to today’s technology and way of cleaning.
I’m not selling you I’m simply telling you as a professional this is the BEST cleansing unit and I recommend it to all my high profile clients and more!

Maybe you’ll have a happy SONIC MAN like I have…who knows you may be addicted too.

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