Girl’s Night In!

spa party templateNo date for New Years eve tonight? NO worries. I’ve been there.Don’t care if you have a date? There’s no reason why you can’t have some fun on your own!

Today on my TV Morning Show segment I am sharing just how to have make it delicious fun with a SPA night in your or a friend’s home.

Here’s my recipe for Girl’s Night In:

1.Invite your friends
2.Check your pantry and your beauty supplies-buy what you may want and need
3.Set up area in your home with little beauty bar stations for each person to partake from.
4.Create a real bar with mocktail supplies,green hot tea,spa water or a cocktail.
5.Make a parting gift bag for each girl as a thank you for coming.
6. Toast and cheer a fashionable and beautiful new year!

You can use store-bought brand, facemasks,scrubs,nail lacquers and lotions or you can create some yourself or have your guests to it themselves.

D.I.Y Beauty Plan

Cornmeal and Oatmeal Face & BODY Scrub

Find a pretty jar and create a mixture of half of these. SHAKE WELL.Ready to mix with water and use on a slightly dampened body or face.

Olive Oil eye lash Treatment

Do what the women of the Mediterranean love to do! Simply dip a clean mascara wand or disposable mascara brush into a dash of good quality olive oil. Coat lashes with a dash of olive oil (don’t overdo)

Violife makes an amazing humidifier that does wonders for the skin. Your skin will appreciate the glow it will have from the air!!!

I called my fav’ baker Frosted By Darla
She created some amazing and delicious cake pops with girls faces getting a face treatment!Too cute!

The drink menu consists of Go Cocktails yummy mixers in Margarita’s,Cosmos,Appletini’s and BEST OF ALL besides delicious they are only 5 calories!

I LOVE taking you to the TV station with me and showing you what I love to do and share with you and viewers too!
Check out my segment on later today from The Morning Show!

Happy New Year!

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