Healthy Minty Lemon Water!

I love to make plain water special but not by adding a sugared up supplement drink additive. I like making water we do at beauty businesses and Day Spas!

By popular demand here is my recipe for making your own yummy and soothing on a hot summer day Mint Water with lemon slices!

1 pitcher of fresh drinking or distilled water

1 fresh lemon
1 sprig bundle of organic fresh mint

Rinse the mint well and muddle the fresh mint or use whole in a mini muslin bag or take the fresh mint leaves and float the mint away in the pitcher loose and allow the leaves to infuse with the water. The mint makes you feel refreshed! It also freshens the breath.
If you’re entertaining and someone gets an upset stomach mint also soothes the upset stomach like a candy mint will do.

Cut up lemon slices, squeeze two into the water and add the rest of the non squeezed slices into the water pitcher.This adds vitamin C and helps the immune system.

I also love this water for the beauty benefits for my skin!

*Add a 1 OR 2 Tablespoons of Agave Nectar to taste! Or my hubby like a dash of organic honey!

If you’d like to make yummy Hot Mint tea without a tea bag.
Simply brew a pot of water fill a tea cup and float a fresh washed sprig of mint and allow it to soak into the hot water.Then pull it out of the tea cup and drink or serve.

D.I.Y. tastes so good!

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