Don’t BUY IT…Make it yourself!

ALMOST everyone I know wants to stay healthy and do the right thing. This week and long holiday weekend you’ll probably be enjoying time doing something fun outdoors or spending time dining on your patio or deck.So, you know what is most likely to happen. Those pesky bugs are going to eat you up! They seem to love me and my skin.

Here is a more natural recipe I found for a non-chemical laden repellent to protect your skin from those mosquitos.

1 spray bottle (glass or plastic)

4 ounces of distilled water

5 drops of grapefruit essential oil

5 drops of cedarwood essential oil

15 drops of citronella essential oil

1 teaspoon high-proof vodka

Shake the bottle of all these aromatic gems and mist the area you are in.They recommend shaking the bottle before each use.

I like healthier approach to this and not fond of the smell of those smelly chemicals and what they can really do to our bodies and the air we breathe.

I hope you’ll enjoy this D.I.Y. this holiday week and weekend.
It is so easy and safer.

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