My skin LOVES this!


My doctor recommended I add more fish to my diet and so I started to eat more salmon alongside my sushi intake. I also wanted my skin to continue to look better as I age. As I mentioned before I don’t see me ever doing a face lift and getting  Botox which I call BOO-tox AFTER seeing so many of the clients who come to my studio’s faces.

So, I discovered these referred by a friend. Fish Collagen capsules to care for my skin as well and on the inside not just topically. These youth and beauty enhancing complex supplements work on the deep,structural layer of the skin,the dermis,to increase the strength,elasticity and hydration levels of the skin. found at Whole Foods in your area or CVS and Walgreen’s.

A toast to your health and mine. Take care of your body,mind and spirit too…And it will take care of you.

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