Can’t wait to try these. I have always loved the ritual of burning incense!


let’s stimulate the senses by unlocking the element of air…

giving us some assistance while we are working on a spell or invoking the spirits helping with delivering prayers and wishes as we speak our words into the smoke

incense will always be intertwined with magick as it serves as an offering to the divine also incense clears your home office or sacred area of stuffy vibrations while it leaves with us a lovely scent as a reminder of our requests

here are a few blends and by all means be adventurous and discover some new blends of your own

if you are using your own dried herbs and flowers you will need to grind them down before you blend and burn ♠


3 parts frankincense
1 part myrrh
1 part patchouli
pinch household dust
♠blend burn on saturdays
burn as a house warming and to bring…

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