4 Hair Care Tips


Came across these supplements for LONGER,FULLER,FASTER hair growth.

I can’t wait to start this hair beauty regime.

Drink Up… just like the rest of your body,your hair needs hydration to thrive.Drink at least 64 oz of water each day. This will help strengthen your hair’s cortex.the hydration will also help infuse your hair’s natural oils onto the scalp and add a beautiful shine to your hair.

Give it a Break… Your hair goes through so much each day that you want to try to back off heat and chemical based styling regimens.Also try not to wash your hair everyday.This strips it of its natural protective oils.wash every other day or every couple of days if you can.

Keep it Natural…When choosing shampoos,conditioners and other hair products look for all-natural brands if possible with no filler or artificial ingredients or chemicals. This will help keep your hair protected with natural oils.

Set an alarm…This will help to remind you to take a hair vitamin like La Muse. Taking it twice a day with a meal,preferably in the morning and evening is the consistent key to it working. This helps spread the release of nutrients throughout a 24-hour period. You  don’t want to break the healing cycle by forgetting to take the vitamin.

I enjoyed these tips…I thought you would too.

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