This sounds so interesting and YUMMY!


very_berry_strawberry-wallpaper-1920x1200it came from the energy of my mind I could see a field draped in red resting gently in early summer

romantic and sensual was this field as I could feel the energies from venus surrounding it

love was the first ingredient strawberry the second

I now have a clear picture of what my desire shall be as I look at all those luscious strawberries sitting in my kitchen as june arrives it brings along with it the beginning of Strawberry Season…so let’s get infused with passion!


what would Strawberry Season be without those luscious strawberries dipped in milk or dark chocolate and it’s so easy to doStrawberry
melt down very carefully and at a low temperature your favorite chocolate

use the stove microwave or crock pot

after the fresh strawberries have been cleaned in cool water allow them to air dry on a platter

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