Never let them see you sweat!

Piper Wai photo

I am a Northerner …A NEW YORKER. I dress in black a lot and I work and play hard. I am always up to something! Work and play I can’t let sweating  get in my way.

I have heard about all the bad things like aluminum that are not good for our health from deodorant companies and wanted to try something NEW. I also wanted to find something for TV that I could experience and share with my TV viewers too!

An avid fan of Shark Tank I discovered this brand called Piper Wai.  It is a natural deodorant made with moisturizers,activated charcoal and real essential oils. All great ingredients.

I have been using this product over a week now and really am satisfied and happy I am doing something that is safe for my skin and health.

The best part besides it working for me is that it was created by a woman and two friends who had a lemonade stand are now partners. As you know if you read my blog I love whipping up fun,food and beauty in my kitchen. That’s how the brand got started too!

Guys can use it too and it is great for people with sensitive skin too!

If you’re a TV fan …The actress from Orange is the New Black Adrienne C Moore uses it along with others.

Unlike Southern girls who live on the First Coast of FLORIDA here in Jacksonville I sweat they glisten! They always point that out to me when I powder their nose on wedding day,for photos,for TV or for power events. Listen they glisten.But I do not… and never will glisten. My bangs get sweaty,my under arms get wet and my spirit is damp by it all.

It is so HOT here most of the time.

I am happy I found this brand…if you are looking for something new in the land of deodorants and smelling and keeping fresh and LOVE  green and clean beauty…

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