Masks are Super Hero’s!

…for your complexion especially when they are sheet masks. I know what some of you might be thinking SHEET and face masks do they go together?

Well… a sheet mask is a mask infused on a sheet that fits your face.It has openings for your eye,nose and mouth so you can breathe and see. I think sheet masks are INSTANT gratification when you want to look good fast! And on the cheap$

Some are infused with Hydrating,brightening,calming,soothing,detoxifying  ingredients and so much more! Tonight I used this mask before I went out for dinner with out of town friends and my husband. My face was craving moisture! Were freezing in Florida. I’ve officially turned into a Southern belle! I hate it. As a Northern girl I should be used to this weather but not. My complexion is taking a beating from Frozen!

blog photo rosy mask


As I put on my makeup my skin was so happily hydrated and my makeup went on like icing a cake. Silky Smooth! If you haven’t tried them YET or if you have add more of them to your skin care  wardrobe and explore! You will LOVE the way you look and the way your skin feels too.