I thought my face was clean…UNTIL

glycolic pads blog

I carefully washed my face with facial soap and warm water with my sonic cleansing unit. My skin felt so clean and fabulous.

Next, I gently swiped a new detoxifying and glycolic filled  pad across my skin and stopped in midstream only to see there were traces of makeup and I wasn’t fully clean!

Be still my heart! I was so shocked to see the dirty little secret still on my face.See my pad? I rested it back in the container so you can see. The photo only shows you so much. It was dirtier than it appears.

The message here for you is…always clean your skin with TLC and don’t think your complexion is fully clean until you are clean. This is the only face you’ve got and you only get one shot in life. Keep it clean and give your skin the time and attention it deserves.