Let it snow!

When I was a little girl I used to play with my girlfriends on snowy and cold days and hold court in my yard or on the street…depending how much snow had fallen.

I’d line up my friends and give them a freezing snow facial! They loved it. I loved giving it to them and watch their cheeks turn rosy red! The skin was refreshed, circulation made the skin glow and it was my winter happy place!

Who know I’d be in the beauty and spa business and performing my version of cryotherapy at age 5!

As winter is really here. If you’ve got snow near… take a handful a make a mini snowball. On a clean face roll the ball all over the face. Move quickly you don’t want freezer burn😂! You simply want to make your complexion glow!

Your face will feel amazing. Your makeup will glide in like butter and your pores will be tighter and happy.

I also achieve this with ice cubes before I make up a bride or someone for TV or a special appearance. It really works and is a cheap skin thrill.

I promise!


If you’d really like to give your skin and body a revitalizing chilly boost… try cryotherapy!

christmas cold friends frosty

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com