Water πŸ’¦ a beauty essential!

Wherever I go! I see girls and guys with a Starbucks or soda. Yet on the top five complaints I hear is how they wish they had clearer and plump looking skin.

It’s is so simple! Drink MORE water besides using hyaluronic acid and other creams and serums for your skin. It doesn’t matter if it’s plain or fruit 🍎 veggieπŸ₯’ or herb 🌿 infused πŸ’§ water.

Make a fresh pot weekly or more.

Drench your skin from within with water! Your skin will reflect it and you’ll feel better and I find have a bit more energy too. There’s something about πŸ’¦!

Please…put down that coffee β˜•οΈ sipping and soda πŸ₯€ addiction habit.

Be good to your body and skin.