A little bit of beauty advice…

If you’re like the average girl or woman you love ❤️ getting free samples from beauty brands.

I love to get them too. From face masks, supplements, body lotions, hand creams, facial cleansers, eyeshadows,lipsticks 💄shampoos, hair treatments and foundations!

Whatever they are a word of advice… don’t hoard them! Don’t save them for a rainy ☔️ day.

Use them!

Like fresh milk and a loaf of bread …They have a shelf life,Guys and Gals!

For your safety don’t waste time to sample and use and enjoy them.

I know it is not something you may think of but it is important to know. They can and will get rancid and spoil. This can cause your skin to break out, itch or make you sick.

So … Enjoy 😉 those freebies! And get to know them. You might just find your next fave beauty product that you can’t live without.

Your body and skin deserve only the best! Keep it healthy… with fresh products.