Hurricane! Heading our way.

 It’s is so hard to believe as it was such a gorgeous sunny day yesterday and a peeking sun today that a storm ☔️ is brewing ⛈ our way! Today on River City Live TV 📺 in Jacksonville 🌴🌞 Florida I will show some tips and ideas you can do to try and stay calm and stress less!

We all by now are stocked up with plenty of water 💦,🍞 bread, peanut butter and canned goods. Also not to forget the COMFORT food. And beer 🍻 or 🍷 wine if you wish! Whatever you need to deal!

Do it! Now!

Please remember to…

  • Keep calm and try and carry on!
  • Surround yourself with a scented 🕯 candle. I love AO Fragrance Co.
  • Sip and savour a cup tea ☕️ of calming chamomile and soothing lavender tea. (Hot tea is more comforting.)
  • Enjoy calming and delicious scents like lavender or white tea 🌱 hand and body lotions. Just the scent alone will relax 😴you and make your skin softer too! Also will make you sleep better too.
  • Try a stress relieving gummy supplement like Olly.
  • Do a little pampering and spa like treatment at home:like a manicure 💅 and pedicure,face masks and bathe 🛀 in Epsom salts or a bubble bath.
  • Take a 😴 and enjoy some music 🎵 to chill by.
  • Drink hydrating drinks like coconut 🥥 water,indulge in chocolates 🍫 and go for crunchy snacks.
  • Whatever you do… do something for you! Do what you say you never have time to do. Read a 📚 book, get inspired by magazines and cook 🥘 something like an amazing recipe you’ve been longing to make!
  • This storm ⛈ shall pass. 🙏
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