BEYOND Maskne there’s…

Feeling anxious? Feeling uneasy?

I’m feeling it a bit too.

So, with my love for aromatherapy and lavender essential oils. I played around with a few oils and came up with a few tricks to calm me down OR to make me feel good.

Photo by Palo Cech on

I love 💕 lavender and I also love rose 🌹 essential oils so I took my cloth and a medical mask covering a sprinkled a drop of aromatherapy on each mask. I did not apply it at the mouth or nose. I applied a sprinkle to a corner. Testing how it’s going to feel and work! I fell in love. A little goes a long way.

While these scents may work for me… they may not please you. Test drive one or two and see what you like and enjoy the aroma of one or two that are right for you.

I placed the clean masks in a small baggies and left them in there a few hours. When I opened the baggies the masks smelled so comforting and gave me all the feels.

So, I hope you’ll try scenting a mask to make yourself feel good too. I imagine since I travel on airplanes ✈️ a lot. This aromatic mask idea will work for me. If you love ❤️ to travel give it a whirl too!!