Back to School Tips

Here are a few points of interest that you might even like for your children or grandchildren.

Back to school calls for a trip to the store for a bit of new decor along with school supplies. I love a lipstick 💄 tube lamp. It adds some fun and color to the room. Even when studying. It’s so cute. Isn’t it? Surround your children with mantra’s on framed wall hanging signs like “You are beautiful” .

“You can do it” and more. The stores like Ross, Five Below and Home Goods have some fabulous options for girls and teen decor.

Another idea are lunch or snack bags with designs on them. So fun to eat from especially when you find them with lips on them. These designs with lips in red and in bold pink are adorable and can be used for other things.

Now’s the time to make sure you have sunscreen for children and teens. You can teach them how to apply with their finger or with a clean makeup brush that they will use only for sun protection. it doesn’t have to be expensive. They will feel like they are doing makeup but they are not. And it is a fun way to put it on too. Home schooling or in the school yard they need protection if they are spending time outdoors. A little goes a long way.

Apply sunscreen with a Brush? Yes please!
So much fun!

As for hair care. Detangling hair in the morning can be tough and take some time. Invest in a brand called the Wet Brush and buy a bottle of BOO by So Cozy! This spray for the hair not only detangles all lengths of hair but helps with keeping lice away. Works wonders.

Here is a Crazy for Chocolate 🍫 DIY Lipgloss!

I did not feature it on TV 📺 today but it is a bonus for you!

I thought you’d like to whip it up in your kitchen.

Your daughter or granddaughter can make this and you both can have girl time fun.

It’s fun to try new things and thought you’d like this BONUS recipe I did not show on TV today.

1 tablespoon of coconut oil (Add more if you’d like)

1 Teaspoon of cocoa powder

Mix the two together.

Stir and place in microwave a few seconds.

Pour in a small container. I like to repurpose and reuse. I like to make this recipe and pour in a mini glass jam or jelly jar. You know like you get from room service or mini jars available at a food store. This recipe lasts a week or more. It hydrates the lips and is a chocolate treat in one.

Allow it to cool. After it dries you can apply it to the lips 👄 with a clean finger or Q-Tip.

You’ll want to eat it! But don’t. Just enjoy the yummy chocolate 🍫 taste.