What’s HOT in Beauty and Wellness?

It’s all about those pesky chest wrinkles Bonnabe Decolette pads are your NEW beauty go to! Helps increase collagen. Improves the appearance of the skin pretty immediate. Side sleepers … they got you covered! Medical grade Silicone … Washable and reuseable. They can also be used for stretch marks with your baby bump.


Want juicy healthy looking plumper lips? Me too!

Try PMD’s new beauty device to give us just that. PMD Kiss system πŸ‘„ like when we were a little girl or pre-teen! This device is everything! It kisses your lips and can exfoliate your lips too! I’ll be sharing more on this unit in another blog and sharing reviews with you too!

Photo by Shiny Diamond on Pexels.com

There are some awesome new products for that. Check out Beautisamo for those sun spots and more. Day and Night Pigmentation care.

FREE of parabens,mineral oil, phthalates,triclosen,and endochrine disruptors.

Want to lighten dark spots or even out your complexion?

Beautisamo is for you! The formula is in a click and apply pen. Great for on the go too.

And if you have issues with your skin like a condition called Vitiligo…explore Vitiligo Vanquish By Fake Bake. It helps you cover correct and even out your skin. On days you really want coverage. If you have Vitiligo this kit may just be your beauty rescue.

*Created by a woman who has Vitiligo!


Want to be extra safe during these pandemic times and from now on? SterileLight is a disinfecting case you can use in your home,office,salon,spa,doctors office. It also disinfects and even dries makeup brushes,makeup,skincare and more.

Did I say … iPhones, keys, money clips, small baby toys and more. YES.

Using the power of a safe germicidal mercury free light. LED screen. Quick disinfect. I am in love and feel so protected with this case in my home and office.