SPA at home for one,two or more!

This week on TV on River City Live in sunny Jacksonville 🌴 Florida I did a segment on creating a mini SPA escape in your home. When the TV producer asked me to do this I immediately was on board. I searched high and low for the best and put it all together for our TV viewers.

First I think you need to create a basket or two that you always have READY for you when you are in the SPA mood!

Fill this basket with whatever you’d like to use. Luxurious hydrating soaps. I haven’t met a soap bar I haven’t liked! A luxe bath sponge. Cozy towels and wash cloths.

And if you’re into clean and green brands hand wash soaps like Baylis and Harding made with all the best ingredients and organic extracts.No chemicals. If you are eco friendly and live clean too this brand is for you. Vegan too. Dermatologist tested.

I start by setting the mood. Candles are great but I LOVE a diffuser & ultrasonic humidifier lamp (cool mist) and superior quality Egyptian essential oils BY CHI. That famous brand we all know and love for our hair Farouk Systems.This lamp has seven mood lights to help you relax and also make you feel good. While the essential oil purifies the air and smells so good. A lamp to relax by or for A bit of ambiance lighting turn it on just do nothing after a long work day, school or … just because!

Next, try a face mask or other bath and face treats I have fallen in LOVE with Nectar bath treats. They make amazing Mask Mix in kits all beautifully boxed and instructions included… that you can do in the comfort of your home! You need to check out their happy products on their website.

Today I featured their (Nectar) aromatic FUN soap that your children, teens or “child in you” would love to wash with. It was on the shape of an actual popsicle… stick included. Oh so cute!

Escape in the bath tub!

After you do slather your body with a silky hydrating lotion for your hands and body!

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Wash and condition your hair with a bit more care. An Unwrapped Life is an eco-friendly brand of shampoo and conditioning bars like The Fixer. ALL packaged in tins NO PLASTIC BOTTLES and no waste and the tins are re-usebale in so many ways. Like storing earrings in them, cotton balls for travel and more.

*Shampoo and conditioner to fit your hairs different beauty needs.

Don’t feel like a mask but want your skin to be hydrated and happy again…try a mini spa hydrating device. Guys or gals. YOU need this. Especially now with wearing face masks. I am addicted and so is my skin. Dewy glowing skin!

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Here’s a recipe for a DIY Mask with strawberries:

An easy mask you can do at home that is on the cheap and natural. Slice up some strawberries and place in a mini bowl. Mash and apply.The strawberries BRIGHTEN the skin and the salicylic acid in them gently exfoliate the skin naturally. Rinse well after 10 to 15 minutes.

I hope you’ll try a few of these ideas and brands and create a basket or two and fill them with things you love escape with your sweetie, your daughter, sister or bestie…. your own spa time! At home!