Are you guilty of it?

You know some of you may have gotten lazy on doing a skin care routine in quarantine and beyond.

But your face NEEDS it. Moisturizer that is. And always applied on a clean fresh face!

As I mentioned before face masks 😷 and face covers haven’t been very kind to our skin. BUT they are a necessary accessory right now!

I discovered a few must try ideas to keep hydrating going!

But let’s go back to a simple moisturizing plan. Place a pretty tray or basket at your bedside and put a container of moisturizer on it alongside a hand and body lotion. Have them at your fingertips to hydrate your body and face when it is WET from the shower or washing your face.

While your at it add a lip conditioner to kiss 💋 your lips with before you go to bed.

The hack I discovered running late and rushing to get ready for work last week was this. After a cup of tea and some fruit. I brushed my teeth and did my makeup. It included tinted moisturizer, a dash of rice powder, a blush, black eyeliner on my inner rim of the eye and a lipstick.

I took a quick shower with my makeup on!

Since I took a bath 🛀 the night before and my hair was already washed. I did not wash my hair again and just put it up in a clip. I let a bit of the shower spray my face. If you’re careful and move quick the face only gets a bit of water 💦 drops on it.

It felt really good. After getting out of the shower,I did NOT dry my face and quickly styled my hair, got dressed and left for the day. 10 minutes away I had to mask up and stop at the gas station for a fill up. My face still felt a bit dewy from the quick shower on my face. It’s hard to explain but it felt good.

As the day went on my face had a dewy glow! I’ll take it.

My next dewy skin hack is using a mini hydrating mist device like I visited a spa and was in the steam room. This unit delivers a dewy mist to the skin. I like to use it on the face after I cleanse it. I also like to use it during the course of the day when my face gets a bit dry from the air conditioner, face mask and soon to be heater. It does not make your makeup or mascara run.

Another thing I like to do is simple. I spray my face after I do my makeup or not with a lovely Rosewater spray. You may find it in a store or make it from scratch. I sometimes refrigerate it before using in hot humid weather. So cool and refreshing!

All of these are fabulous cheap thrills!

I hope you enjoy these skin hacks and tips and keep that dewy glow.

Nothing ages your face faster … than dry skin. Don’t under moisturize!

Keep your skin happy and hydrated. You’ll see the results pretty fast!