Do you use an Essence?

I do and here’s what you might want to know.

They are very hydrating. They may just be your new moisturizer. I used to think they are toners or freshners. But after a bit of research,traveling to Korea and exploring I discovered they are not. Korean girls know all about them from as early as their teenage years. Essences contain high levels of sodium hyaluronate and glycerin. They typically do not clog the pores or feel heavy or oily on the skin.

If you have oily skin like I do you may be able to use them for moisture but if you have dry to very dry skin they may not cut it alone.

You will need and a moisturizer.

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They can hydrate, brighten, help with acne, dullness, wrinkles and redness. They will exfoliate by softening your dead skin cells. A beautiful bonus! Thus making the other skin care and beauty products you put on to penetrate and work better.

I find applying an essence is pretty relaxing and calming like using a Jade facial roller.

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I like to apply an essence with a press and pat motion NOT using a cotton ball or cotton round. I also find you don’t waste product and use less of the product. The press and pat application method is just like the women of Korea do. As you may have learned by now Koreans make the skin care process a ritual. Skin Care and self care are a big part of their life and their skin shows the results of it!

When I fly to the orient I am amazed on how flawless the women of and flight attendants complexions are.

Absolutely Flawless! I’m so envious.