Easy Makeup!

At home or at your job. I think it feels good when you get a little makeup on your face! Don’t you agree?

This fall as we move further with this pandemic and we are living a more relaxed and casual lifestyle give yourself a little at home “pick me up before you head out the door or put a bit of color or while at home.

Casual Beauty is what it is all about now!

Here are a few easy steps to do:

💋Clean, tone and moisturize your skin.

I love to use sheet masks like Inna which offers so many benefits like hydrating brightening and fit sensitive skin. K Beauty rocks!

💋Add a bit of SPF on your face and neck please.

💋 Next swipe a bit of foundation. A creamy powder one will even out the complexion. Or skip foundation and use a dusting on your powder brush with Rice Powder. Tones down shine and keeps you cool and makes your makeup last longer.

💋 Next apply a dash of a neutral or hint of shimmer eyeshadow. I love a nude, vanilla honey or champagne. Apply all over the lid with a blending brush.

💋 Next you can use a cocoa gel eyeliner for definition in the rim under your eyes, line the upper lid close to the lashes or simply skip this step!

💋 Mascara is next. Use a navy, eggplant or brown black hue. Don’t overdo! Skip the false eyelashes. Give that look a break and save those beautiful lashes.

OR if you don’t want to commit to that much just use a CLEAR mascara. Yes, clear. No color just a bit defines each lash without color.

💋 Skip the lipliner and apply a lipstick, balm or gloss. Wearing face covers are drying out our lips. But if you apply some lip product you’ll be better off and feel lip fabulous too.

💋 Next brush your hair with a dash of your fav’ body powder. It cools you down and helps with that greasy hair look that sometimes happens.

💋I recommend using a rosewater spray to refresh your skin throughout the day. Especially with masks on masks off. Helps with dry sensitive skin issues.

Got a beauty or skin care question? Just ask. I’d love to help!