Trick or Treat Yum!

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Oh how I LOVE… LOVE… LOVE …Halloween. How about you?

It is the one day we get to be someone else for a day or a night or we get to simply enjoy the faces of the little Trick Or Treaters at our door! I know not all of you might celebrate this day but it is a day we can smile and play and eat candy


Did I ever tell you I had the pleasure of making up that famous actress who was in the infamous movie the EXORCIST? No, not for the movie but later on in her life for an event. Linda Blair is a lovely lady with a HUGE heart. I will never forget our time together and the day we met.

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But who knew this years Halloween would be this different and not quite as fun.We’ve been wearing masks months now before Halloween. Social distance and no smiles and hugs???

I’m a big smiler & hugger.

Here is a yummy drink just for fun that doesn’t have booze but was given to me by a friend.

A Luscious šŸ‘„ Mud Pie!

A mud pie without the crust! one that you drink.

What you will need to make it:

1 1/2 cups of milk

4 scoops of chocolate ice cream

Drizzle of chocolate syrup

Place all of the above in a blender

Mix until smooth

Pour into glasses (makes two)

Optional:Add some of your Halloween candy or leftover to come and enjoy tomorrow.

Smash in the wrapper a mini candy bar like a Butterfinger,Milky Way or Malted Balls and place on top!

Enjoy! ā¤ļøšŸ‘„