Want to be less …STRESSED?

Kiss stress “Goodbye” today and give your body what it needs.

I haven’t always meditated. In fact I never knew I needed to. I can’t even take a nap like so many others of you do. But one day a few years back I began my meditation journey.

I always start with a candle (Real or faux)

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I also like to burn incense. Sandalwood is my go to.

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I add a little CD to this meditative mix to get lost in. I love the music of George Skaroulis or David Young (No relation to me)

My fav place to meditate is in the shower OR the bath tub. Since I am crazy about color and rainbows I pretend the water showering on me is in an array of colorful hues. In the bath tub I do the same by laying in a bathtub filled with kid bubble bath soap. The fluffy cloud like puffs have many iridescent hues. They take my mind off the stress of the day.

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Shower or bath I feel the negative energy has been removed off of me especially when I towel dry myself off. Sometimes you can even see a gray film residue in the water.My body is clean, feels more relaxed and my heart and soul are refreshed.

Take some time for yourself and GIVE IN to a shower or bath today in a meditative state kinda way.

These days in our world aren’t easy but we can make them a bit easier when we give our bodies and minds a little bit of TLC.

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