Looking for some awesome gift ideas and more?

I’ve got your covered. On TV here in sunny Florida I featured some gifts your mom,”glam ma”,daughter, sister or bestie will ❤️ love!

This year Christmas and Chanukah is more about family, friends, the little things and LOVE!

Photo by Olenka Sergienko on Pexels.com

Here are a few ideas:

Everyone is talking about their bucket list. Now with the pandemic making memories and traveling again near or far is going to be more important than ever.

Always wanted to visit the one and only New York City! Give that special someone or your family a trip voucher or coupon you made yourself redeemable for a getaway. Do your research and add a few travel brochures and maybe add a book or two about the city. There is a fabulous and unique book called Nom Wah the first dim sum and Tea Parlor in NYC. The owner just came out with a cookbook of yummy recipes. It is also filled with lots of stories and a bit of history on Chinatown and lower Manhattan and sights, shops and sounds of this exotic and unique. Food Lovers will love this book too!!!

On a budget? Maybe it’s time to make that short getaway to say Savannah Georgia or Charleston. Wherever you have always wanted to go…make a plan and try and go.

Food is always a fabulous gift especially now after our lock downs and lock downs now re-starting in some areas. Bake them a loaf of sour dough bread add some jam and wrap in a tea towel and place in a basket.cut some rosemary and wrap it on top in a bow.

Create a snack package. Make some fresh granola and or a nut mix with fruits and put in jam jars. Wrap with twine and parchment paper. Add cheese or fruit in another package and a handwritten note 📝. Tell them you’re nuts about them!

I’m sure you can dream up some other delicious ideas to give!

DessertGlam Berries which are strawberries 🍓 dipped in shimmering sugar by Glamour Gourmet or a cake,cupcakes or shimmering pretzelS. Owner Natasha Jones makes the most amazzzing creations. Give the gift of Yum! 😋! Find her on Instagram @Glamour Gourmet These are chocolate dipped Oreos with a spa self care theme.

SO adorable!
As seen on River City Live TV

Skin care Gurus and Makeup Artist Brands are trending big! Anything Celebrities love too.

You don’t have to spend a fortune. It is all about the love behind the gift.

A fun thing I like to do is FILL a stocking customized for HER.Gals of all ages love this idea. Fill it with things they can really use.

Nature Pure Labs is a brand created by an esthetican and skin care industry educator. Green,organic and healthier skin care is what it is all about nowadays. Self care is everything! Check out her skin collection. http://www.naturepurelabs.com

RCMA Makeup has an awesome Illuminating highlighting sticks kit! Limited edition. Glowing from head to toe. I like to apply it wherever I want to glow. A powerful family owned business in film industry. Makeup artists adore this brand! I am in love with these multi-purpose sticks.


Global makeup artist Danessa Myricks New eye shadow hues that are a creamy cream eyeshadow in a tube that you can also us on other parts like your lips. Long Lasting and shades oh so gorgeous! As seen in Instyle magazine!

Christmas Stockings for HER

Lipgloss, lipstick,blush,mascara,nail polish,nail files,cuticle oil pens, cuticle stick. Toothpaste and dental floss. Deodorant and body powder. Face cream, sheet face masks, hand and body care.Hair combs and hair brushes. A small candle and bath and shower gel for relaxing in warm bubble baths make a great idea too. So many useful inexpensive stocking stuffers.

Pedisox Socks are socks for the pedicure at home or to wear to your nail salon when you get them done. Friends and family will love them. Get those heels and feet looking hydrated and loved ❤️ this winter.

ManiGlovz a great invention of a fabulous set of gloves for a manicure, for sun protection and for at home! I like to use them for texting when it’s cold outside too or after I get my nails done. So useful!! So fun!

For HIM:

Fill a stocking with Shaving Bars from Unwrapped Life are so hot these days. And totally eco friendly line. They even have a soap dish that’s made with a healthier good for the planet twist.

Nivea Skin Care in Mini Tins

Cuticle oil pens by nail artist NINA’Z Nails

Cuticle stick

Nail File

Shave cream

Vitamin C packets

BC powder For headaches,acts and pains.

Dental Floss

Toothbrush …and so many more things you can give.

My husband loves and looks forward to what I’m going to fill his stocking with every year. He especially loves it’s NOT a Chia pet although they may be a fan. It’s things that are really useful that are the best!

Things are definitely different this year. People are on budgets. Some people you know don’t even have money for much food on the table. But you can find gifts that have meaning and show your love. And you can create memories. Life is short! Enjoy it now.

The best part give virtual hugs and spread kindness and love ❤️