Day 3 of My Beauty Secrets

This oil works wonders!

Before the pandemic started I did alot of travel in my life. Oh how I miss it. In my travels nationally or internationally I love to shop all kinds of places and enjoy looking at all kinds of faces. The many nationalities and looks! Intrigue me.

I also started to ask strangers or beauty shop keepers what the woman use on their face. Over time and with my clients at my makeup studio I learned one unexpected thing. Mediterranean women like to use castor oil to make their lashes grow and keep the hair hydrated.

So having short lashes that really have no natural curl and not 22 any more. I decided to try their beauty secret myself. Like a face serum is for the skin this is great for your lashes.

I also use it on my brows too! It is helping them look a little fuller and fluffier.

So if you’re looking for something that doesn’t cost a fortune and maybe found in your medicine cabinet or at your local drug store. Discover the beauty of Castor Oil.