Day 13 of MY Beauty Secrets

I meet so many women around the country at beauty conferences I guest speak at and new clients who visit my makeup studio say ”I can’t put on blush to save my life.” They are challenged and so frustrated.

I didn’t always know how to apply it either! As time went on and I became a professional makeup artist I learned.

In my travels and research I discovered a certain brush that made ALL the difference. I loved them so much I imported this brush from the Orient. Way BEFORE they were a thing in the U.S. I did that because I wanted my clients to have the best in beauty. I wanted to help them master applying blush and feel prettier!

From 103 years young or 13 years old they too fell in love with this brush.

The brush is a FAN Brush that comes in the shape of a fan and comes in a variety of hairs. Large or small …You need this brush in your life.

Simply dip it into your powder blush and apply it on the apples of your cheek in circular motions working softly into the hairline. It will look so soft and pretty on those cheeks of yours. Giving you like a kiss of color.

And yes, beauty influencers use it in videos and photos all over social media to apply powder highlighter.

But I love it for blush! if you haven’t tried it you will too.

A must have for your cosmetic bag!
You’ll be tickled pink using a fan brush!