Day 27 of MY Beauty Secrets

I “hide” my brows behind my bangs. I’m fine with that. This way I don’t have to worry about filling them in. I wasn’t born with the best nor fullest brows!!!

I can’t say other women do this. Some women simply have fabulous brows they were born with. While others fill in their brows with a pencil, brow tint, a gel or brow powder. Many women are having the latest trend done…Microblading.

But whatever you do when you pencil or fill in your brows. Brush them afterwards! Sounds so simple! But many women don’t do it. Don’t leave the pencil in a stencil/ template kind of look.

You NEED to soften the look and set it. I like to use rice powder on my clients brows as a beauty trick. It makes the hair and tint you filled in look more “natural.” (It is totally translucent) I brush it on over the brows.

And they look good and brows are set, soft natural looking and are good to go!

Give it a whirl girls!