Get Happy!

Isn’t it time for something new? On TV this week in sunny Florida on River City Live on WJXT I am showing ways to give your style and spirits a lift!

Here are my six ways to get you started.

Spring is right around the corner. So now is the time to treat your self to something new depending on your budget and what you find.Buying a little something besides groceries,diapers and looking at the same 4 walls in your house ALWAYS makes you feel better. Don’t you agree? I am not saying to buy a new car but buy something that makes your heart happy! ALL WORK and no play aren’t very fun. We need to keep our spirits up.

Buy a new accessory. A ring,a bracelet, a necklace, a scarf or handbag. Wearing a lipstick will brighten up your complexion too! Even a fun and pretty NEW Face mask 😷 or cover. They all can make you look better and add colour or sparkle to your days wear them.They DON’T have to be real gold,diamonds or sterling silver. Make it fun and something that reflects you and your personality.Fashion accessories are such a cheap thrill!

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Surround yourself with things and decor that brings a smile to your face like affirmations that make you feel good. Face and Body towels,mini signs in your home with inspiring words or messages.

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ADD some COLOR to your life! If you only live in plain vanilla do things a little differently.Recently I bought a set of pans in the most amazing shade of turqoiuse blue on HSN not only is this pan awesome but the color therapy is giving me all the feels. They make me so HAPPY to look at and cook with in my kitchen.I never knew what fun it would be. If you don’t have a bright colored anything in your kitchen… maybe nows the time.

Take better care of your skin better. This is for guys too! Self care is so Important and we need to take better care of ourselves.

Turn your bathroom into a SPA candles, music 🎶 and all.

I recently discovered a MAKER in Jacksonville,Florida who created the most amazing soap. Her company is the Chocolate Skincare Factory. She has ONE fabulous product and it is a Dark Chocolate Royale Facial Candy Bar for the skin. Unisex and so delicious you’ll want to eat it but please don’t. It comes in the most decorative gold and chocolate wrapper. A GIANT soap bar made with LOVE and by MOM of darling twins, who just happens to be a pharmacist!

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The bar is made with 100% pure cacao dark chocolate that is filled with anti-oxidants and made with Shea butter too. No toxic ingredients only great ones as she is a cancer survivor and has done all the research and knows all about taking better care of ourselves starting with her face and body. The soap bar lasts a few months it depends on how often you wash your face.While it is made as a complexion bar it can also be used on the body. So luxe and decadent you won’t be able to put the bar down. Trust me on this!

BONUS: Each bar comes with a ring inside each bar to celebrate her soap bar launch. There is even one for the guys. Victoria says “She totally believes ME TIME is the most important time of a day or a weeks end. It is so important for our HEALTH too.”

And you know I so agree. Dark chocolate can be good for you inside and out!!!

Don’t settle for a plain old $1.00 face bar experience a high-quality face bar and make your skin look and feel amazing too! for questions or orders.Victoria is happy to help you! Ships it right to your door.

There is NOTHING LIKE A BATH! Try a ritual of taking a relaxing and detoxifying bath! It is not only cleansing but great for your health, There are many choices for making your bath more glorious and joy filled.Fizzy Bath Bombs like ones with CBD like Head Plant can make you feel and your skin to look awesome.

Take care of yourself as we head out of this pandemic one day at a time! Don’t forget your STYLE! In your home, at your desk and making a fashion statement! It will make you feel great I promise.

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