Beauty Rescues you need!

These pandemic days are taking a toll on our spirits and SKIN.

So I have put together a few things to buy and use to rescue your skin and make you feel and look better.

Social media and looking down our iphones 📱 are wreaking havoc on our neck and we are getting what they say is TECH Neck. If you don’t want your neck to continue to look beyond the years you are buy a neck cream. ASAP! I recently discovered one called the A Method by Doctor Tina Alster. You can even use it on your decolette and crepey skin on your arms. This doctor means business when it comes to treating the skin. Some of the ingredients include:Trans retinol, caffeine, glycerin, copper gluconate.

It us a nightly tightening,toning and firming treatment. A basic moisturizer simply won’t do! You need a product that targets the issues. This neck treatment is for ALL skin types. Guys too!

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Eyelashes looking wimpy? Are you going to sleep with mascara on?

Blinc mascara just launched a new mascara called UltraVolume Tubing Mascara and it is a game changer. They are the ORIGINAL… …Don’t’ paint your lashes TUBE them mascara. I just started using it and love the natural yet volumed look. As a owner of sparse lashes that are far from long and grow straight out. I SEE a difference immediately. And it removes easily with lukewarm water and a washcloth.

Nails and hair lacking luster? Skin looking dull?

Try Gummy Glows by NEOCELL. Since adding these dietary supplements to my day I have noticed a HUGE difference in my hair,nails and skin. Also Beauty Bursts are chewies if you want to nourish your nails, hair and skin too. Collagen is one of the beauty secret ingredients.

Makeup fading and melting?

TRY Luscious + True’s Spellbinder makeup setting spray. A makeup setting spray that works up to 16 hours.Rosewater and pineapple juice make it a botanical delight!

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