Got a blemish tonight?

Date night at home or social distancing I know it is annoying. Especially if it is red, raised and about to pop! Not very handsome or sexy.

So, here’s a quick rescue you can try and do.

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What ever you do TRY not to pop it. Pretty please …It will only make it worse and red or uglier.

BUT if you absolutely must …do this.

Place a wet warm wash cloth or flat cotton pad on the blemish. Let it rest at least 5 minutes.

Next,I use a couple of cotton swabs to opposite sides of the zit. Apply light even pressure. If you happen to feel pain or discomfort STOP. Don’t push your luck!

*If you happen to squeeze it all out a dermatologist recommended to me to use a dab of over the counter Neosporin after you do.

Now, rinse your face with a soap and clean warm washcloth again and get some clay like a mask or a powder clay you mix with water. Place a nickles worth on the blemish and leave on for a few hours (OVERNIGHT if you don’t have date tonight)

I find the clay is my absolute favorite remedy to do! it tones down inflammation, the redness and discomfort and makes it practically disappear. When I have to be on TV, guest speak at luncheons or am going out on the town. This is it. Works like a charm for me.